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by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
On September 2, 2020, TaoWei industry well-known new youth organizations - - - - & 83 forward innovation salon & bull in marble ceramic factory; Held a large art space, from the extensive field of household more than 40 brand director & with an open mind, open attitudes, the open topics together hereat, to discuss and exchange!

known, 83 since founded two years, students and scholars association director salon organized 28 season, 16 contented industry learning experience and the market 2 years) annual meeting, open, public welfare, the deeper study communication, promote the foshan TaoWei industry upgrade. Innovation exchange salon as the flag in 2020, invited well-known talent provoke concern topic, with extensive common household brand elite into the well-known enterprise, to explore career ideas and professional skills upgrading.

bring marble ceramic factory Zhang Nianchao, managing director, marketing director Zhang Enming exchange

bring famous architects design marketing run-sheng zhang teacher as a theme to share

bring in 83 forward innovation salon director pose

as director of salon location - 28th season - - Marble ceramic factory house art space, is by the father of China's domestic outfit Yu Gong ( Yu Jing jiangxi) And milan HOAA team building design. In recent years, marble tile & marble ceramic factory wax-apple picking culture IP and & marble Lucciole· ceramic factory; Fluorescent color, texture, technology innovation and lead, also get inside and outside the industry praise and recognition.

bring 83 students and scholars association director of brand innovation salons joy dinner

TOMELY marble tile, marble, ceramic factory meet peers with & discuss together at the idea of elite to visit and exchange. Future has come, marble, ceramic factory warmly welcome from all walks of life the government, society, media, enterprises and institutions, designers and other organization to marble TOMELY ceramics factory, ceramic factory visit & marble house art space learning and communication platform, works at a well-known design, master of art space, sharing 5 g smart new future!

marble ceramic factory house art space appreciation please click on the link below:

'Yu Gong sino-foreign team' marble art ceramics factory house exhibits the whole case
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