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DIY Alcohol Ink Coasters

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-11

Are you looking for a gift?If you have a budget or just want to make a unique gift for someone special, don\'t look again!These DIY alcohol ink coasters are perfect!I have included a supply list and it is easy to follow the instructions with photos.You can also be an artist soon!Let the magic begin!Are you ready to make exquisite homemade gifts that dazzle your family and friends?The process is simple, economical and very attractive.Let\\\'s Begin!Place a clean garbage bag or plastic sheet on your work surface.Then, list all your materials: alcohol ink, brushes, rubbing alcohol, gloves, and paper towels.Step 1, you will apply a thin layer of alcohol coating to the tile.Let the air tile for a moment and choose the first color you want to apply to the tile.Now that you have this idea here, choose another color and drop it onto the tile.Don\'t worry about separating colors, you want them to mix together!Watching the ink dance on the tile is a magical experience!When you add colors, you can see that the tiles present a personality and style.You can stick to a tray of a certain color or add multiple colors.Remember the old color wheel chart of the school?For example, you added a drop of blue and a drop of yellow?When the two colors are mixed, you get a mixture of green.Be careful not to add too much dark color together, because sometimes what you end up with is a very dark patch on the tile.If you have an area with too many colors, wait a few minutes and try this: Select a light color that matches your tile and drop a drop in that area.Wait a minute, let the latest place dry for a few minutes if it still looks too dark, then re-dryApply the same color directly at the first point.You will be amazed at how the new colors illuminate the scene!When you add color and mix, you will see the tiles change in front of your eyes.If you let the tiles dry for a few minutes, you can layer them on the tiles.It creates a multi-dimensional effect with high and low levels.The beauty of the tiles will make you very happy!You can finish quite a few tiles in a short time!Before moving the tiles or stacking them, please let them dry for a few hours.Once the top of the tile is dry, you will also want to finish the side of the tile.Remove an old plastic bowl or bottle cap from the water bottle and spray the ink color you want into the container.Use your little brush and apply only the edges of the tiles on the ink (you don\'t add rubbing alcohol ).Let the ink dry for a few more hours.I usually wait until the next day and then take the tiles out or (go to our garage if it snows) drop another garbage bag on a flat surface and spray a clear seal on the tiles.Let the tiles dry for a few hours.You have finished your coasters!Want a Redo?Do you have a tile that is not very suitable?Don\'t worry about simple solutions.Just pour some rubbing alcohol on the tile and let it sit for a while, pick up the paper towel and start wiping the color of the tile.A few seconds later you have a very clean tile again!~ When you apply color to the tile, take a moment to see what happens.The pink tiles you see below are the result of mixing colors on the tiles you see on the right.AMAZING RIGHT??Once the tile is painted, you will follow the same steps to have it sit overnight, grab an old plastic container that you don\'t mind throwing away, choose a color and spray a small puddle in the container.You will use the brush to draw the edge of the tile and make it look finished.Let the tile be placed for a few hours and when it is completely dry, you can spray the transparent glaze on the tile.You need to dry the tiles for a few hours.After drying, add the furniture protector to the rear corner of the tile.You\'re all done!Find a cute Square gift box or gift bag to wrap the tiles of the giftgiving.Trust me, if you give your family or friends a set of these coasters, they will first ask how you did it!This way they will be impressed by your artistic duplicated!Please know that you can make a cup mat or buy some small wall hanging for a different look and stick it to the back with some heavy-duty craft glue so you can make a wall hanging.Your possibilities are really endless.Don\'t forget to add your initials on the back of each tile, after all this is your masterpiece and the artist always signs his work!What are you waiting?Do some art!Good luck, and most importantly...HAVE FUN!!Thank you for reading my center!
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