Sine 2012, We have been specialized in only Marble

designing piece by piece.

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
Sometimes, creative activities in our lives continue into our classrooms.
This mosaic design is of course the case.
I found a pottery pot while looking for antiques.
I was attracted by the shape of it and imagined it with a mosaic tile finish.
I have a lot of mosaic tiles and I randomly stick them to the pottery jar leaving about 1/8 \"(. 1250 cm)between tiles.
There is a red tile in the mixture, so it becomes the focus.
Next, I mixed a batch of black mud and dispersed it on the surface of the tile.
I used a damp soft fabric to fall off the excess grout.
To my delight, I had a wonderful colored pan that was fun, looked beautiful and made to be tolerant.
Collecting materials my pottery can become a model and inspiration for mosaic design courses.
Go to the local garden shop and each student gets a clay garden. I chose 8\" (20 cm)
Three flowerpots of different styles.
Ipurchased purchased two barrels of tile adhesive from a hardware store, bought a box of plastic knives with jagged edges from the grocery store, and ordered a large number of mosaic tiles from the crafts catalog.
My students are now ready to start the adventure of designing their own mosaic tile pot.
Before this assignment, my art I students (
Usually freshman and sophomore)
Courses are available in line bar, shape, texture, color, rhythm and repetition.
When they put tiles on their pots, the topics began to work.
Students are thoughtful, helpful, informative, excited and co-operative in designing their own designs.
There is a quiet atmosphere when students work.
The only noise in class other than the background music is the student shouting out, \"Do you have an extra blue triangle ? \"?
\"Or\" give me the black square.
\"This activity is the best way to team building when students share and trade tiles.
The students took a different approach to the task.
The students sorted out the tiles and collected them with paper cups and recyclable bags.
More impulsive students take a direct approach and use their intuition to select and position their tiles.
Each method produces a project that is worth showing.
The jagged edge of the plastic knife is like a troll used to lay a tile.
Some students apply the adhesive individually to each tile and place each tile exactly on the flowerpot.
Other coverage 3 \"(8 cm)
A few tiles were applied to their jar with a tile adhesive.
Again, each method works-
They are just different ways to get the same final result.
This method is suitable for students\' personality.
Since the grouting took a whole period of time, I found it necessary to start the process at the beginning of the class.
A small group of students mixed white mud outside and stirred the mixture in turn until it reached the consistency of the creamy peanut butter.
We put mud on the jar with a plastic spoon.
When the mud starts to set, the students use a damp T-shirt fabric.
I ask students to pay special attention to the top and bottom edges of their Potsdam because in these areas there is a tendency for mud to fall off.
The project is foolproof.
It guarantees success and provides a happy learning experience for students, generating positive results and a sense of achievement.
Students learn cooperative skills and they apply design elements to three-
Size surface.
We fill each finished pottery jar with flowering plants.
In the expansion of other classes, this project is expanded by laying a tiled bird cage around our beautiful campus.
It\'s fun to try different colors of grouse.
We also created stepping-
Stone by embedding tiles, marble and stained glass in concrete.
I even found some old cutlery at the flea market and made them tile.
Choices, fun and excitement are endless.
Material * 1 clay tank per student * various clay tile pieces * tile adhesive * plastic knife and spoon * grouting * old bucket * soft rag * dust mask national standard student apply media, technology their intention get full skill, confidence and sensitivity in their works of art.
Gail Elizabeth Leder is the head of the Fine Arts Department at the naochcher School in Gap Labang, Georgia.
Gloder @ rabungap
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