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design your kitchen backsplash

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-13
The kitchen tailgate is the most popular place to place glass tiles.
In the smaller kitchen, the smaller mosaic tiles will make the space look bigger.
In a larger kitchen, the small mosaic tiles look more like solid field tiles.
Either way, it will look great and personalized for you.
Mosaic glass tiles are available on the market, how do you choose to use them?
Here are some installation ideas that might get you started.
Creativity is the key here.
Cover your entire tailgate with a solid color.
This is great when you have a very busy granite countertop.
All you have to do is choose the one color you like, which is usually a neutral tone and then choose the type of tile you want.
You can occasionally highlight this solid tile field with another color or color.
This breaks the solid field.
It takes only a few odd colored tiles here and there to really change the overall look.
If you have a solid countertop then you should consider installing a glass brick mixture.
This beautiful color combination can combine your counters, cabinets and fixtures.
Many companies sell stock mixes with specific colors, but there are companies that will customize the blends for you.
Doing it right, the glass tile mixture will make your kitchen tailgate something everyone will talk about.
In addition to the color, you need to consider the texture.
Install tiles with mixed stones, glass and/or metal.
The effect is gorgeous.
It can go from a natural look to a very upscale look.
Changing the texture increases the depth of the splash and makes it blend very well with the countertops and cabinets.
Personalize your kitchen tailgate by finding something decorative for the space behind the stove, and then use solids for the rest of the tailgate.
Just make sure the solid is one of the colors in your stove area.
Try to incorporate the glass tile into the tile tailgate.
Install the glass behind the stove, then insert it on the entire tile.
This can also be used as a border.
Another idea is to use solid glass bricks on the tailgate, but run the border of color or mixed color in the middle or at the top of the counter.
Use two different sizes of tiles to change the space.
Install square glass on most splashes and then run through the matching subway tile boundaries.
Or try to put the subway tiles on the square behind the stove.
How about putting the glass brick at an angle to make the square look like a diamond?
Do this at the back of the whole splash or stove.
You can personalize your kitchen tailgate with lots of ideas and methods.
Glass mosaic tiles are widely used and you won\'t get stuck like everyone else.
Step back and personalize your space with creativity.
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