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Design week news! Marble ceramic factory TOMELY gains ceramic product send two awards in China!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-28
On November 27, by the China ceramic headquarters and guangzhou design week 2018, hosted by the Chinese ceramics product grandly held for asiaworld-expo hui guangzhou poly world trade. Under the authority of design and build TaoJie witness, marble, ceramic factories TOMELY marble tiles successfully swept & 2018 aesthetics ceramic product designers & year recommended aesthetics ceramic brand two prizes!

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory brand representatives ( Second from right) Awarded prizes

2018 Chinese ceramics product by China ceramic headquarters and guangzhou design week, aims to design vision for Chinese consumers to build a new products in line with the home decoration trend of ceramic professional reference platform.

& new product transfer to space decoration aesthetics as a starting point, strict review the annual consumption value most of product and brand ceramic drive upgrade and development of ceramics industry to design!

2018 annual aesthetic ceramic product & ndash; Greece's black and white line

marble marble tiles 750 * 1500 mm ceramic factory product & ndash; Greece's black and white lines, because the father of China's domestic outfit - - Yu Gong ( Yu Jing jiangxi) Painting & fall in love at first sight, in person, and a famous, become a marble marble tile high-end ceramic factory & web celebrity product! The ceramic product in China send professional design master, under the layers of screening and certification of success & 2018 aesthetic ceramic products of the year award!

Greece black and white line, the original stone material origin of Greece, extraction of natural marble 1% a-side acura, New Zealand, natural simplicity, natural harmony, simple and orderly, waukesha extremely. Monolithic texture like the artist's pen drawing, make the space appears elegant aesthetic feeling. Very suitable for villa mansion, star hotels, high-end club!

annual ceramic brand designer recommend aesthetics - Marble ceramic factory TOMELY marble tile

the China ceramics product transfer, marble, marble tile ceramic factory called, gongs & recommend aesthetic ceramics brand designer year awards. Ceramic factory for many years, the marble marble tile and Yu Jing gan, Vincent wai lam, jian-guo liang, Joseph, kinney chan, David Lin, Ju hong bing, also, up to now, qing-ping zhang meng, Sun Shaochuan, even tzu chi Ming, Chen Lianwu, eight office, danfu liu jia, Luo Simin design depth of the master at home and abroad to cooperate together to build flexible & beauty & middot; Master a new design, make & marble ceramic factory design masters camp, pioneer and dedicated young designers of the knowledge economy, build new urban design strength!

in recent years, the marble marble tile ceramic factory is committed to deepening the research on ceramic design aesthetics, respect and advocating new ideas & cross-border fusion, will stone tile products and living quality, fashionable, elegant and perfect harmony is committed to creating unique and livable for consumer high-end lifestyle!

the, marble, ceramic factories TOMELY emerge from the brand ceramic tile, marble is not only the design for brand and product affirmation and recognition, but also for marble marble tile ceramic factory product consumer love and witness. TOMELY marble tiles will have in the future, marble, ceramic factory, don't forget to beginner's mind, with the force of example, continue to lead the stone kind of innovation and development of ceramic tile, for the vast number of consumers to bring more high quality life style!

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