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Design Ideas for Kitchen Backsplashes Using Glass Tiles

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-26
The kitchen tailgate adds some permanent decorative elements to the room;Since the glass tiles are fixed with a strong adhesive, unless you want to redo the whole project, you won\'t change your mind a few weeks after installation.Once you have identified the color scheme and the design concept to arrange and rearrange the loose tiles on the table, you can decide whether the color and layout are right for you.If your kitchen decor has a major shade, such as a light green, dark tone, or faded tailgate, it will enhance the look while decorating it with closely related tones.All tiles used include your focus color or main color, as well as several colors of the same tone.Start with the darkness or light on one side, or the top or bottom, and then work above or below the tailgate.For a long fade in and out, use multiple tiles of the same tone before changing the color for a series of short fade out, use one or two tiles of each color, and then, reverse Browse mode.The rainbow effect works as well, but uses most of the colors of the rainbow, creating a vivid, pleasant tailgate.The tailgate covering many areas allows for more room for tile pattern variation without appearing \"busy.For example, create a border for copper foil-In your main tile layout, there are a few inches of glass tiles that create a frame for the interior design.Repeat the original tile color within the frame, and then select a completely different tile: larger glass brick in grass green, arranged in diamond shape;A large, vintage Moroccan tile that serves as the center focus, surrounded by small glass tiles, the color of the central tile is beaten down.Use the frame color to create a random Square or frame in the tailgate design, or even an interlocking square, instead of a large colored frame.Although in the bathroom or spa area the wave pattern looks at home, it also works well for the kitchen tailgate.Create the appearance of pixels-Style waves of small glass bricks using different \"grain\" colors--In the range of brown, yellow and brown, or in shades of green and yellow.The end result is reminiscent of a piece of farmland on the rolling hills.For spicy themes, use the same technique as deep chili red and turmeric yellow or curry yellow.If you wish, add a hand-painted tile made of pepper or wheat grain to the focus.A chevron pattern that looks a bit like an inverted V gives the tailgate a little modern flavor.While this pattern appears on wallpaper and fabric, there are sometimes bold color changes, using subtle color changes can give a softer effect to the tailgate.The color of Chevron and background tiles is similar, so the more obvious the pattern is from the point of view.
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