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Craft Ideas for Glass Jugs

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-16

Recycle your old glass cans into a craft project that will pass generation by generation.Every craft you make with a kettle should be original and show your own special personality.You can make memories, beautiful decorations and artwork with just a little work and creativity.Here are some simple and clever ideas for you to start making with your old glass kettle.The memorial jar is a modern folk art of the Victorian era.If we have to compare them to today, they are old antique books and you can make one with your glass kettle.You need souvenirs in your life, or people who are special to you, a lot: small things like coins, jewelry, caps and buttons.Some of the trinkets in some antique memory jars include beads, small toys, activity buttons and pipes.Use anything that has a memory for you.It can be done at once, or you can take the time to add something when you find it.The only thing you need is adhesive.Use mud, thin material or spray-painted cauldron.Place the adhesive on the kettle and embed your memory jewelry.You can apply the adhesive or you can buy the grouting material of the color you like.These are exquisite decorations and gifts for parents or grandparents.If you are artistic and like to paint, you can draw a complete mural on the jar.This picture is your snow scene, beach scene and scenery.There are always templates if you are not very artistic.Make your jar look like Amish or American.After the paint is dry, fill the kettle with three-There are a few flowers in the place full of water.Or, if you are allergic and can\'t bring flowers, put a cone candle in the mouth of the jar as the center of the coffee table.The clear kettle is a charming little wonderland.You can fill the jar in half with sand and find some small shells, small pieces of driftwood and two artificial crabs on top.Use a clear acrylic adhesive to stick some of the shells around the bottom of the outside of the kettle.Draw a sky on the top of the cone.You can go to the local craft shop and have a look at the miniature section and make any kind of miniature scene in the jar.Create a small farm, fishing hole or miniature butterfly farm.You can use colored paper towels and de-coupling media to create the appearance of colored glass.Cut or tear small pieces of thin paper, stick to the glass in a pattern or random way, or create your own scene.After drying, carefully outline the color using a black paint extrusion tube to resemble lead in a true colored glass.You can also have your child make this craft instead of hardto-Handle a tube of paint and give them a black permanent mark or thinner paint and fine paint brush to make the outline.
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