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Constant two champions league junior year, marble, ceramic factory four years three increase - - - All have a deep bond with football

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Beijing time on November 21, 20, 2015 and the champions league final in guangzhou tianhe sports center, guangzhou Evergrande home 1-0 defeat ahli dubai, is nearly three years to the champions league twice. That night, marble marble tile ceramic factory, chairman of Mr Lin Zhu rights organization for nearly 30 people Evergrande afc champions cheer cheer group in guangzhou site, with practical action to promote the development of Chinese football.

marble marble tile ceramic factory Evergrande afc champions group visit guangzhou scene cheer cheer before some members pose for

since March 1, 2010, Evergrande group, taobao has a stake in the professional soccer club in guangzhou, twice three year supremacy in Asia, to win the champions league, premier league run to, guangzhou heng group created the history of Chinese football, the revitalization of Chinese football just around the corner. And since 2012, foshan new investment group wholly owned rebrand marble ceramic factory, located in dedicated, professional, expert operating marble tile category, now after four years, for three consecutive years to buck the increasing & more than 50% of the growth rate, boost the rapid development of the marble tile category, build TaoXingYe brand in the history of the development of dark horse.

since 2012, marble, marble tile ceramic factory organizes various events uniforms

about football, everyone knows. National soccer team is the people pain, leaving fans endless pain; And two consecutive hkbu Evergrande football afc champions, dominating the king of the Asian football, fortunately, the xing zai! And marble marble tile ceramic factory, chairman of Mr Lin Zhu rights as a die-hard football fans, with football's love for more than twenty years ago, organizations, large and small, amateur racing, sports event biguiyuan friendship tournament is countless. Of course, as the founder of marble marble tile ceramic factory, football and marble marble tile ceramic factory has achieve mastery through a comprehensive study. He often said: & playing people often pay attention to team spirit, if a club team players, they never fragmented, they receive a ball is inconsiderate, dashed forward trying, such clubs, this team is absolutely impossible to play good results. So he ceramic factory for several years with marble marble tile fame all kinds of events, also with the idea of football management enterprise.

marble marble tile ceramic factory Evergrande afc champions cheer group visit guangzhou scene cheer tidbits

football has been deeply imprint on marble marble tile brand ceramic factory, with each other. Marble marble tiles have been use ceramic factory & football team spirit to build corporate culture, business building ceramic first & manufacturers enjoy entity enterprise culture. Football team as a marble marble tile ceramic factory brand team, each member for a pure and common goal together, by the unfamiliar to the familiar, from understanding to trust each other, from the tacit understanding to the habits, thus forming the core values and combat effectiveness of the team. In marble marble tile ceramic factory, we like football, with a proud as a member of a team of heroes, rather than as a hero of the team and proud!

China football, come on! Marble ceramic factory, come on! Marble ceramic factory, a world of, the inheritance of the world!

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