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Coagulation hearts meet force, communication consultation! — — Remember Gao Mingqing business into the marble marble tile ceramic factory

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Thanksgiving, communication and consultation, and enjoy peer!

26 November Thanksgiving Day in the afternoon, by the brillant district government, real estate development companies, the Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Brillant district) Brillant district, foshan city, and other leading guests and a busy & Gao Mingqing, consisting of young entrepreneurs to marble marble tile ceramic factory headquarters marketing center communication, visit a discussion.

marble tile, marble, ceramic factory foshan new sheng enterprise chairman Mr Lin Zhu power led Gao Mingqing business exchange tour to visit the exhibition hall

marble marble tile market brand ceramic factory department director Mr Zhang Guiquan about enterprise culture, market activity

Gao Mingqing a busy in the new enterprise marble tile, marble, ceramic factory, chairman of Mr Lin Zhu rights visited the headquarters of marble marble tile ceramic factory hall, in marble marble tile ceramic factory, under the market brand department director Mr Zhang Guiquan explanation of marble marble tile ceramic factory product technology, product display exhibition, engineering project, enterprise culture and brand promotion, with approval.

Gao Mingqing business across the depth of communication

then Gao Mingqing business exchange tour to a depth of communication, dong Lin detail marble marble tile manufacturers one ceramic factory & discuss together enjoy culture, two three years strategic planning, etc. In addition, in view of the present market, industry policy changes, the morphology, peers and so on issues together, all the leaders, entrepreneurs, guests made depth point, also various ideas, full of harvest.

Gao Mingqing business exchange tour to take photos with marble tile and marble ceramics factory leadership

with a little time in the past, Gao Mingqing business exchange tour in a pleasant atmosphere and full of communication over the visits and seminars!

the road ahead and line, coagulation hearts meet force, total spectrum in the future!

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