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Ceramic fair, TOMELY LUCCIOLE international hall first

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Marble ceramic factory TOMELY originated in 2008, and continuously for marble gene innovative brand. For a long time, attaches great importance to product development, production technology, design, marketing innovation. Now, there are three state-level base, 10 invention patents, 21 utility model patents, 56 product appearance patent copyright, etc. In 2020, marble marble rock plate | ceramic factory LUCCIOLE• Hotaru, synchronizing both international trends and applications of the technique, TOMELY LUCCIOLE 500 m & sup2; International pavilion new bloom.

marble LUCCIOLE&bull ceramic factory; Hotaru, Italian LUCCIOLE is & a firefly, mysterious natural wonders, the world fashion colour frontier achievements. Symbol of natural, lively, science and technology, fashion life aesthetics. TOMELY LUCCIOLE international hall & nature, fashion, color, delicate design philosophy, combined with the properties of marble, colour and international high-end fashion trend, hard and soft light used modern luxury style, using & TOMELY seiko secret shop floor system, make the gaps between the ceramic tile present a third of ordinary ceramic tile, effect of high-end gift & a brick a space.

marble TOMELY brand ceramic factory, boutique in product research and development, design, product application, engineering design, etc, has a professional design team, with the domestic and international high-end design masters as well as the architectural design institute and so on in-depth cooperation, not every year regularly held various design BBS communication activity, make the design of each city opinion leaders to actively participate in brand constructive Suggestions, to a city & window, an image engineering requirements, do make the brand image of local stores.
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