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Ceramic fair play Shared his girlfriend? What is the idea behind this idea?

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Ceramic fair in the early morning on the first day of the spring, marble marble tile ceramic factory exhibition hall at the door came a few beauty, they are not models, nor manners, they are the marble marble tile ceramic factory in ceramic fair idea & ndash; — Sharing his girlfriend! This recruit to such a message: in a Shared economic times, sharing & marble ceramic factory can share the wealth!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 'Ceramic information reported'

in the early time, by the state information center to share share the China center for economic research group released annual report for economic development ( 2018). 'Mentioned, share of 2017, China's economy continues to maintain its rapid development momentum, it has become a new era of the economic transformation in China.

actually, ceramic factory in January 8, 2018 marble marble tile national distributor summit, marble, marble tile ceramic factory of BMSC & discuss together enjoy the idea, has put forward & marble ceramic factory in premium plan.

not only that, but we also joined a century for the top-level design, shenzhen China reform, the implementation of equity incentive binding to the brand and your dreams, the brand dream with high-quality dealers binding, create marble ceramic factories as well as sharing marble ceramic factory.

and, this year or in the future will have more high-level, high-quality dealer involved holding share out bonus, together with the marble tile & marble ceramic factory brand, which is formally enter the share under the economic era of sharing & marble ceramic factory.

for a long time, marble marble tile ceramic factory is a & brand seriously, we earnestly marble tiles, seriously do a good job in brand, exchanges and cooperation with the world's big cafe earnestly, seriously good service every customer, and carefully follow the era, follow the trend of development of new economic model.

in the spring on the ceramic fair, we are in such a relaxed and happy way for everyone to unveil and strengthen marble marble tile brand ceramic factory & discuss and enjoy. Small make up said, would be glad to get the enthusiasm of the media and the dealer friends to respond with love, we would like to tell you that the brand, never stop the steps of innovation and progress, on the way to do the marble tiles, will deliver!

article, let the marble ceramic factory small make up for everyone to sing a song 'marble ceramic factory poem'

sharing economy,

Shared marble ceramic factory;

product set,

light first;

system support,

profit gold stone;


assign marble ceramic factory!

marble marble tile ceramic factory trill number: TOMELY, welcome to pay close attention to interactive shake the friends!
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