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Ceramic fair, marble, ceramic factories TOMELY comprehensive upgrade

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
TOMELY 35th international ceramics exposition, marble, ceramic factory in marble rock plate & new product, TOMELY LUCCIOLE international pavilion, big board ( Rock plate) New kiln, brand new appearance, continuous innovation for marble genes.

bring TOMELY LUCCIOLE international hall new open, click on the

marble marble rock plate and ceramic factory LUCCIOLE· Hotaru, synchronizing both marble and rock plate edge, texture, color and seiko secret leading international.

TOMELY LUCCIOLE international pavilion, & original shop, color, dense, and international characteristics, use modern luxury style, combined with the attribute of marble and high-end fashion trend, hard and soft with & TOMELY seiko secret shop floor system, make the gaps between the ceramic tile present a third of ordinary ceramic tile, effect of high-end gift & a brick a space.

marble TOMELY marble tile foshan ceramics factory production base, origin of foshan city, covers an area of 20 square, marble tile (only Rock plate) Production line 4, the first phase of invested heavily to upgrade the marble ceramic factory 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, comprehensively promotes the marble tile ( Rock plate) Process quality.

marble TOMELY ceramics factory through the ceramic expo organizing committee choice, participate in the 35th foshan ceramic fair & original live strictly selected super section, 35th ceramic fair go, can see the marble TOMELY ceramics factory. Are you tired? Marble ceramic factory prepared 15 VIP special for you, free shuttle; Are you thirsty? Marble, ceramic factories in more than 100 BBS prepared drinking mineral water; You get lost? Marble ceramic factory in three big exhibition promotion guidelines, if necessary, have someone to pick you up. Except, marble, ceramic factories TOMELY continuous in the voice of the epicenter wide economic, 132 high-speed advertising, enhance brand value.

7:30 on October 19, 2020, CCTV channel old stories anchor miao son invite you to participate in online ceramics expo & original ceramic factory strictly choose marble live, share dividends marble ceramic factory, share privilege marble ceramic factory.
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