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cape cod, meet marrakech

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
The 1935 W and enclosed Cape Cod house overlooking the ocean from Playa del Rey is an old house
Old fashioned America
Ring the bell and you can almost expect Donna Reid to answer with the apple pie in his hand.
On the contrary, Michelle kelchak brings you into a secular living room to shame any chic boutique hotel and then goes to the kitchen to get a Slovak pastry or Moroccan label.
After all, this is a place to show her aesthetics ---
She called it \"international modern\" style.
\"Kelchak uses a wealth of wall treatments and gorgeous texture decorations to create interior designs that recall the Paris Salon, Chinese temples and North African cuisine.
\"My husband and I are trying to visit two new countries every year,\" said Kelchak, 42 . \" She often takes home furniture from her travels.
\"What I put in my suitcase and shipped home ---
My husband sometimes thinks I\'m crazy.
\"Kelchak is a shoe designer whose Michelle K-series casual shoes are made by Skechers and her husband, Mark DeRoche, an aerospace engineer, who is interviewing architects, and planned to build a \"Moroccan modern\" house when they fell in love with the Cape Cod hillside built by the captain.
Three years ago, they bought it from MGM studio actress Rita Forrest Matterson, who has lived there for more than 30 years and decorated the yard with stone lions and birds.
She also added columns to the facade and installed weathervane on the roof.
The atmosphere of New England did not discourage Kyle Shaq at all.
The carpet, faded wallpaper, or windows were also not nailed.
Determined to test their personal emotions, inspired by Romanticism-
His engineer\'s attention to form and function, her fashion designer\'s taste for texture and decoration ---
The couple turned the house upside down.
They polished oak floors with dark stains and equipped with lights for stair railings
Rice paper sandwiched between glass.
They polished vintage door handles and installed new flat layer regulators from www. rejuvenation.
Com in the plantationstyle tip-out windows.
\"I\'m not at all worried about betraying the building integrity of the house,\" Kelchak said . \".
\"By making all the wood darker and putting in all the old hardware, we gave it more charm than it was when we bought it.
\"As these changes were completed, she had a blank sheet of paper.
The room can accommodate works from foreign countries, and the design is bolder. she calls it \"whimsical and elegant \".
\"I\'m definitely at risk --
She said.
\"I don\'t like traditional things very much.
\"This explains how a chandelier with hundreds of Amber and purple crystals hangs on it turns on the inspired light bulb on Kelchak\'s head.
Four years ago, she first saw the device in a design showroom in Rome called Contemporanea, when she bought her husband a picture of Aphrodite as a wedding gift.
\"I know one day, when I have a new house, I will come back and buy it,\" she recalls . \". And she did.
This fantastic restaurant chandelier shaped like the hull of the boat not only fits the nautical origins of the house, but also helps determine her color scheme: white, purple and brown, with a red accent.
Kelchak began shopping locally, but it still achieved global results.
In the airy master bedroom, a large lavender portrait of a sunflower taken by fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo sits on a dark wooden Chinese bench.
A large wooden dresser with diamonds
The patterned metal door from Los Angeles store Dialogica adds a glimmer of light to the mix, as does the silver Venetian plastered walls behind the bed.
Diva\'s white leather platform bed on Beverly Avenue is as simple as a Prada skirt, decorated with silk and glass embroidered bedspread from Indian imported shops.
Red paint drum as bedside table.
The overall effect is bright and quiet.
In contrast, the spacious living room is dark and eye-catching, with rainbow-colored embossed velvet panels on oak walls.
\"I know I want to keep wood products to keep the original features of the room,\" Kelchak said . \".
However, she said that there was a \"carefully carved, cheesy European Mantel on the fireplace, which I didn\'t like very much\" and had to go.
Kelchak goes to jazz with stainless steel surround and decor
Stylish limestone Odeon mantel from Chesney, New York.
She wants wall tiles around the new fireplace --of-pearl.
She said with a smile, \"it\'s going to cost $17,000, so I asked, what else do you have?
\"Ultimately, the honeycomb board made of lime and bronze tiles creates an elegant brown and white background for the Erte sculpture and the collection of purple crystal glassware --
Hand-painted design-
Some are used as candles and others as vases.
Keep space (
Kelchak calls it \"my ballroom \")
She chose all the white furniture.
\"I don\'t have children and dogs right now, and I can put up with stains,\" she said.
\"The monochrome is good, but boredom is not good, so Kelchak goes back to Contemporanea, which produces a white set of furniture, which is completely different from the ubiquitous California loss --
There are covered sofas and chairs.
Italian sofas, recliner chairs and club chairs sit on bronze-cast feet decorated with windmills --
Pleated velvet, fluffy Mongolian lamb and fish
Leather with scale.
It\'s not surprising where the passion for fabric comes from.
\"There\'s only so much you can do to design shoes,\" Kelchak said . \".
\"To make it unique, you start playing with these materials.
Textures and details are what I am looking for in the fabric chosen for my home.
\"The lamp also defines space: the old one
Vintage Crystal hurricane lantern from Philip Stark gift shop-
Light Restaurant Design in Paris.
Scones like jewelry
In the four corners of the room, the tortoise shell was inlaid, and the beating bronze floor lamp was wearing the curtain of the goat.
A dragon lamp sitting on a table set in Morocco with underwear hanging on it --
Black lace and crystal.
\"It looks like the lampshade of the Mad Hatter,\" Kelchak said . \" She collected some vintage hats when she was a child and dreamed of going to girls\' hat School.
KELCHAK grew up in a modern ranch in Ind Munster.
One day, she visited \"the new girl in the grandmother\'s home of the school in the rich areas of town \".
This is a place full of exotic Persian carpets
Chinese furniture, Louis chairs and African masks are painted on the wall.
\"I think I will do that one day.
\"She continued to pursue a major in radio production at Arizona State University, minor in art, and eventually found a job in Los Angeles. A.
The company that edited the movie trailer before becoming a fashion photographer.
Opportunity to meet with employees at the time
Hot sports shoesA.
Gears led to an interview.
Kelchak submitted drawings of animal prints and snake skin sneakers--
And got the show.
These days, her signature shoe collection is sold in department stores across the country.
\"Designing shoes, I really like the texture and the mix,\" she said . \".
\"This is what I like in the house.
When people walk in, it\'s like eye candy: There\'s a lot to see, and there\'s a story for each one.
For me, decorating the house is to make myself surrounded by all the elements of the country I like so that it looks like life --in, not store-bought.
\"Kelchak likes to look for treasures for her home and garden, but her landscape architect Craig Borson says nothing is too serious or too precious.
\"The biggest surprise for Michelle\'s family is that it\'s low-key and soft in appearance,\" he said . \".
\"Then when you walk in, you will immediately find that the family has shown her personality.
\"Working without an interior designer, Kelchak intuitively understands how to create a room that has a unique personality but still works well together.
For example, the living room of the theater leads to a small living room with chairs decorated in Paris
Syrian mother, blue eel skinof-
L Pearl table and carved Ottoman in Indian styleA.
The walls and ceilings are covered in embossed leather and the shadows are similar to dark wood products in the living room.
She used the same trick in the restaurant, which was a custom-made --built, 10-
Foot table with turquoise glass top and Moroccan chair decorated with white leather.
She hung a square dark embossed leather on a white wall as an artwork and painted the front of a building
There is a deep soil color in the fire.
\"I want it to be notable, there\'s too much darkness in the living room, and I feel like there needs to be this element here,\" she explains . \". \"This purple-
The brown color combines the room and comes out of the darker room, making it easier to adjust to the brighter room.
\"There is no division between the restaurant and the kitchen, which has drawn the Indian gate from Alte, Mexico, covering the pantry and a granite --
She saw modern-style bar stools at Laguna Beach restaurant inspired by them.
\"I have inspiration everywhere,\" she said . \"
The informal layout of the open plan fits Kelchak.
\"I don\'t think it\'s necessary to have a formal restaurant because the chandeliers and Firewalls create warmth and intimacy,\" she said . \".
\"I like to be open because everyone ends up in the kitchen when you have a party, so even if I\'m cooking, I feel like I\'m part of the party.
\"If the room in her home is defined by a different culture, so is her menu.
\"I have three seafood pans and six seafood pans,\" she admitted . \" She refers to the traditional Moroccan pot.
Christmas hot pot or Caribbean barbecue will be held regularly for dinner.
\"When the weather is warm, we like to keep the door open and have fun inside and outside,\" her husband DeRoche said . \".
That means updating the garden, which used to be \"a large piece of cement with a fish pond that has never been used for years,\" Kelchak said \".
She hired Borson, the Pacific Coast landscape company.
Specializing in wind power generationand salt-
Garden resistant.
He planted a striped rattan bamboo \"alphonse Karr\", short New Zealand linen, Texas feather grass and bronze --
The leaf Cordyceps line swaying in the sea breeze.
The Bird of Heaven and the star Jasmine add color and fragrance.
\"Michelle plays, so she wants a lawn,\" he said . \"
For entertainment, he created
There is also a fire pit and seating area in the concrete bar and banquet, set on the grid of concrete pavement and grass.
Dripping water under the turf can prevent the furniture from getting wet.
The hotel is clean, quiet and modern.
\"We don\'t want to compete with the spectacular scenery, and we don\'t want to flood the house with an unrelated theme garden,\" Bolson said . \" He added that he kept the minimize of the structure and the mute of the color palette, knowing that Kelchak would increase her personal feelings about Moroccan lanterns, asian ceramic stools and fountains made of Turkish olive jars.
Here, in their own Eastern Eden, it is often possible to find Kelchak and DeRoche to entertain friends ---
Or just enjoy the sunset in the West. David A.
David can be reached. keeps@latimes. com. *(
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One Moroccan said that when Michelle kelchak saw a view of the water from a 1935 Cape Cod house in Playa del Rey, she gave up her plan to build a modern Moroccan homeAlmost.
She couldn\'t help but try the style in the main bathroom.
How did she do it?
\"I\'m not nervous about using red so prominently in the bathroom,\" Color chak said of her unconventional choice . \".
\"It\'s very bold and if the ceiling isn\'t that high and the windows don\'t have that much light, it might feel like a cave --ish.
\"More importantly, this color is free with beauty
Mirror of Morocco (
Reflected in the other mirror, on the left)
Made of coral and bones.
Tile: the biggest shot in red comes from the Italian glass mosaic tile on the wall. \"We used 1-
Orange, gold and red inches square around mirrors and fixtures, and 4-
There\'s an inch of gold tile in the tub shell, \"Kelchak said.
\"The light reflected from these tiles brings a beautiful glow to the skin.
\"The tiles come from classic tiles and mosaics of 3221 S.
Ha hsianda Avenue. , Los Angeles; (310)287-0142.
Lighting: the light comes from Artemide, 9006 Beverly Avenue.
West Hollywood; (310)888-4099.
Sink, faucet: fixtures from Snyder diamonds, 1399 Olympic Avenue. , Santa Monica; (310)450-1000.
Bathtub: Kelchak and her husband put a Grohe spa tub under the Moroccan lantern in the corner of the room. (
You can see the edge of the bathtub on the far right. )
Kelchak said: \"In that position, you can soak in the bathtub and look out from your left and right windows.
\"The couple added another window to look out from the top of the stairs, from the window on the platform of the stairs to see the water.
\"We had to give up the shower but it was worth it.
You can really feel the outside when you open the window. \"--David A.
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