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Build 'marble tile ready effect', exactly?

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Preface: ceramic industry need specialized brand of marble tiles. Over the years, marble marble tiles, ceramic factory focus field of marble tiles, professional research and development production and sales, the deepening market promotion and won industry recognition and consumer users! This period, build TaoXingYe senior media 'ceramic information' into the marble marble tiles, ceramic factory interpretation industry new system: marble tile & ready!

contented industry river's lake, through more than thirty spring and autumn period, a booming development. As contented industry headquarters in foshan, ceramic headquarters and huaxia ceramic exhibition city, a few short years, these ceramic brand have sprouted, PiHongGuaLu headquarters exhibition hall built buildings with thunder, no two at one time.

these bearing the brand display and function of cultural transmission and the enterprise strength shows the headquarters of the exhibition hall, is one enterprise, to strive for perfection. They is undoubtedly the high-quality goods high-quality goods, the core of the core, benchmarking of benchmarking.

for marble marble tile brand ceramic factory, they are the headquarters of the exhibition hall to the terminal stores upgrade, not only carrying the adjustment of its brand and new, more to break the industry the curse of the cognition of marble tile application field, with comprehensive effects ready & marble tile system, showing a marble tile new luxury era!

declassified! Marble tile & ready effect three cornerstones

as a fashion brand - marble tile industry - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Marble marble tile ceramic factory, since its inception, from product development, production and brand marketing strategy layout are accurate and original. And marble marble tile ceramic factory in successive years of rapid development at the same time, but also constantly speakers in the field of marble tiles.

marble marble tile ceramic factory for a long time, in line with the thinking & users, first put forward effects ready & marble tile idea, we communicate with the mentality of ceramic factory visit marble marble tiles. Marble marble tile ceramic factory general manager Kong Fanzhan said: & marble tile ready effect is need to have our products. First of all, as a professional, focused brand ceramic tile, marble marble tiles we have five big differentiation specifications, 600 * 600, 600 * 900, 900 * 900, 600 * 1200, 900 * 1800, we are collectively referred to as soft light & 5 g era; The r&d and production specifications all conform to China's real estate interior decoration of the golden ratio, is conducive to the wall, and conducive to the fields, it is support & marble tile ready effect is one of the cornerstones of; Secondly, our users for different ages, different space have different choice, we research and development to produce three kinds of natural surface texture, from starting the luminosity can be divided into: 85 degrees of light, 33 degrees eggshell light light, 18 degrees, the second is the foundation of support & marble tile ready effect; Finally, we according to the designers and users of any match, we have research and development production for nine big color: white, gray, black, cream-colored, brown, yellow, blue, green, red and so on more than 80 product; According to the height of the user model, daylighting, orientation, aesthetics such as arbitrary use collocation, this is the foundation of support & marble tile ready effect 3; With the three, is the base of marble effect of ceramic tile is ready.

3. 0 version! Terminal stores image upgrade reengineering

in the ceramic industry brand foundered in 2017, marble, marble tile ceramic factory brand has maintained a sustained growth in a row, to complete its brand upgrade - again - - Terminal 3 store image. 0 version. This time the adjustment change, both integral collocation construction and soft outfit furnishings, all follow & concept of the application of science and technology, fashion, fashion, able to bear or endure look, makes every effort to show the true sense of marble and postmodern life.

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory terminal 3 store image. 0 version' Partial 】 - - New luxury house

and at present, the marble marble tile ceramic factory has two sets of terminal stores image display, is costly and 2. 0 version, and the 3 under the new luxury. 0 version, keep up with the future consumption trends, designed to allow more consumers have different options, embodies the marble marble tile ceramic factory as a marble tile height and depth of the fashion brand.

in addition, for the majority of dealers to provide marble marble tile ceramic factory & 6 m support programs, subsidies from the samples, design and decoration, brand promotion, marketing system, engineering services such as comprehensive, vertical support; Each store at the same time, also for the vast number of users to provide the application guide & marble effect ready style & design and feng shui book, new standard, service users for decorating the user reference!

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory upgraded marketing headquarters lobby, fashion, tide, the new luxury;

open! New luxury house new monoblock, lead fashion marble tile

in 2017, marble, marble tile ceramic factory display application has carried on the comprehensive combing of the manufacturer. The headquarters of the exhibition hall reshipment upgrade, display & new luxury, a new Chinese style, Jane Europe and modern style ready effect, let the dealers and users of consumer of marble marble tile ceramic factory more clearly intuitive cognition. Welcome the national real estate merchants, dealers, decoration designers, and the vast number of consumer users to visit!
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