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Brilliant ceramic marble factory 2015 terminal elite 'stone' is still action ( Jiangsu station) A complete

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Ceramic tile, marble to cloud chung added more variables in 2015! Making waves, the brand disputes, vendors or in the global, or at the regional thinking about strategy and tactics. Marble marble tile ceramic factory was founded in 2012 at the beginning, in a professional and dedicated, intjs brand positioning and attitude leads the whole world of marble tiles.

in April 2015, the national manager, marketing elite gathered in foshan, nearly 200 people to participate in the gives prize & marble ceramic factory, dancing end large training activities, harvest quite abundant.

in September 2015, in order to better meet the golden nine silver ten sales season. Theme of annals, & industry to lead the training activities of the terminal terminal and into the jiangsu and zhejiang area, more than 20 regional distributors to represent one after another in lishui, changzhou, hangzhou as the center area of communication study training activities.

annals, marble tile & marble ceramic factory, leading the terminal lishui

annals, marble tile & marble ceramic factory, leading terminal changzhou

annals, marble tile & marble ceramic factory, leading terminal station of hangzhou

to give prize, to be a truly impressive marble ceramic factory. The terminal training and study, emphasis on training the comprehensive strength of the individual, greater emphasis on regional sales staff to communicate with each other, between mutual learning and progress. Around in the most happy way to sales elite closely linked together, the team PK, inspire passion, we actively express their views and sales results, looking forward to the next district communication terminal elite training activities more exciting!

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