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Brick color beautiful, more beautiful | marble at 132 high-speed ceramic factory

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Ceramic factory & marble TOMELY originated in 2008, based on the nature, colorful, scarce attributes, and marble marble ceramic factory brand DNA, from research and development, production, marketing, display, promotion, service as one integral output marble tile colour system, won the industry and consumer users of respect and appreciation.

2018, marble, ceramic factories TOMELY brand strategy system upgrades, basis, color, original & international, the advantages of the spread, successively won the tile color r&d base in China, enterprise marketing innovation awards - China - - - - - - - - - - - - Ceramic tile color leading brand award, wide central & space colour on ceramic brand, etc. Brick and focus & colour is beautiful, more beautiful in the south of Beijing, guangzhou, south to north/east, shenyang, shenyang, Harbin east/west, shenzhen, chongqing, chengdu, xi 'an, ningbo, dongguan east north, guilin, tianjin, Hohhot, jinan west, foshan and other 132 high-speed and wide central economic appearance, voice of the great river north and south of the motherland.

▲ 北京南

▲ 广州南

▲ 广州东

▲ 深圳

▲ 深圳福田

▲ 沈阳北/沈阳

▲ 长沙南/长沙

▲ 宁波

▲ 天津

▲ 青岛北

▲ 西安北

▲ 桂林北

▲ 东莞东

▲ 呼和浩特

▲ 济南西

▲ 海口东

▲ 佛山西

大理石陶瓷工厂TOMELY,现有大理石瓷砖、大理石陶瓷工厂Lucciole• Hotaru, TOMELY rock plate five series, eight big norms, nine color is more than 100 high-quality high-end product. Has won national high and new technology enterprise, China ceramic tile color r&d base wide, heavy credit contract enterprise of guangdong province, central China household 70 brands in 70, ceramic tile color guide, quality brand of origin for the record, foshan ceramics enterprises outstanding contribution award, one of the ten famous brands in Chinese ceramics, ceramic first-line brand, marble tile leading brands, such as honor, and become the wanda, Evergrande, greentown, melting, is business, such as XinGe property, marriott, Hilton, windham, hyatt, westin, such as five-star hotels, auspicious peng airlines, southern power grid, bank of communications, NHK, academy, government affairs hall projects such as strategic partners and suppliers.
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