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【 Brand story 】 Marble ceramic factory, natural marble genes!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Gene, what is?

a independent systematic enterprises with a systematic configuration, a 'independent innovation' brand has a naturally the branding of the gene. An independent state, a kind of noble descent, the brand enterprise, a personal character. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 Cannot leave & gene.

this gene, need time to precipitation, time of grinding and become, is also not an overnight.

declaration in 2016, many in the industry to the top marble marble tile ceramic factory advice, add modern archaize brick series, grab market share. But the marble marble tile ceramic factory general manager Kong Fanzhan firmly said: & modern archaize ceramic factory is not suitable for marble brand; Marble marble tile ceramic factory, the group companies around the direction to develop, we don't have the gene. We will only do in marble tile the category extension development!

therefore, also had & light marble tiles for the beginning of the core product strategy layout!

our brand story

& speaking of marble ceramic factory, established in 2008 & marble seiko environmental ceramics factory shi caihang is a prototype, the production and business operation seiko environmental protection compound stone material, specially in real estate, engineering design institute in supply and demand. Later, due to the natural defects seiko green stone, from the material, the plate to the finished product, the final yield is 30% 50%, due to the natural stone material layout is uneven, lead to scrap the tail goods too much, and the management idea of green marble. So, in 2012, I still, to redefine the category, integrating the advantages of natural stone material, combined with the latest ceramic core technology made of marble marble tiles, ceramic factory for marble tiles. New Goldman sachs group inc. and marble marble tile ceramic factory Lin Zhu Mr Right said.

as a result, this ordeal, is four years; It also laid the ceramic factory & marble, gene in the tradition of natural marble, so the system also understand the properties of the natural marble, understand the real estate, etc. In the operation of thinking.

the first five years of brand achievement

rebrand marble ceramic factory since 2012, after five years of professional development, more than 100 specifications, process, design and color marble tile products, more than 200 marble tile stores, product sales more than 60 countries such as Germany, Italy, Europe and the United States.

marble marble tile ceramic factory soon became TaoXingYe brand name in the history of the development of a veritable black horse, also helped the rapid development of marble tile category.

in the next five years brand plan

in the January 6, 2018, the 4th marble marble tile national distributor summit ceramics factory, marble marble tile ceramic factory officially released the next five year plan, puts forward the marble tile theory!

the meeting pointed out that the marble marble tile ceramic factories will & light marble tiles as the core, marble tile ceramic tile, marble plate, the brick light marble tile marble tile product strategy of cluster has officially in full swing.

marble marble tile ceramic factory from June 2016 to January 2018, after more than a year and a half time brewing, layout, fall to the ground, the marble tile carrier battle group formally accept market review!

of course, because the light marble tile production of design and color, complete specifications, process, etc, has more than 50 many new applications and formed systematic marble & flexible beauty & middot; The new luxury hall show.

due to the construction of the speed of the stores, in the first quarter of 2018 & light marble tile sales accounted for about 60% of the brand!

so, also known as & light marble tile first brand!

marble ceramic factory, a world of, the inheritance of the world.

in the future, we will be guided & discuss together at the management idea, innovation first, efforts to push the sales & marble tile the first category of forward!
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