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Blockbuster │ 'marble ceramic factory TOMELY' into the north American market, four urban construction brand stores in North America!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Toronto ( Toronto) , Canada's largest city and economic center, is also one of the world's largest financial centres. Because of the pleasant environment and high quality of life, is evaluated is one of the most livable cities in the world, but at the same time, Toronto is Canada's the highest city in the consumer price index.

The Buildings Show, is North America's largest architectural exhibition. On November 28, 2018 - Conference center (30, in Toronto, Canada 多伦多地铁会展中心) The exhibition. Ceramic factory & marble TOMELY tied with nine color & Jane stone marble tiles at this exhibition, the booth no. : 3915.

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory director, deputy general manager of Zhang Nianchao photographed with marble marble tile ceramic factory Canadian dealer sign up

this architecture exhibition will come from China, the United States, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, India, Thailand, and other 19 international and regions more than 30000 exhibitors, the building owners, construction products buyers, the project manager, exporters, trade commissioner, design professionals, international trade professionals to visit the consulate and procurement. With Canadian companies, government officials, and export of professional and international visitors, to discuss the global business opportunities, open for ceramic & marble factory TOMELY potential international development space.

bring & marble TOMELY Toronto The ceramic factory Buildings Show booth McCollum, The booth no. : 3915

as The ceramic factory & marble TOMELY product innovation, has five products system, nine color, eight specifications, covering: 1200 * 2400, 900 * 1800, 600 * 750 * 1500, 1200, 600 * 900 * 900, 900, 800, 800 * 600 * 600, product sales to Europe and The United States, Germany, Italy and so on more than 60 countries, obtained The recognition in The international market.

bring The Buildings Show The north American building exhibition invited marble marble tile ceramic factory director, deputy general manager of Zhang Nianchao attend business activities, will accept The international channel phoenix TV interview

through The Buildings Show The north American building exhibition, marble tile category to greater international stage. At the same time & marble TOMELY ceramics factory to attend this exhibition, will be in North America, Ottawa, Toronto world cities such as New York based ceramic factory & marble TOMELY brand flagship store, display sales & TOMELY marble tile, marble, ceramic factory to emphasize & China ceramics brand to the international stage.

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