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bathroom ceramic tiles - available in many choices of colors, designs and shapes

by:Afaithstone     2020-02-27
Bathroom tiles have a wide variety of colors and many different designs as well as textures.
Many people don\'t realize that you can paint your old color wet tiles with special paint.
This process is a cost-effective way to bring a brand new look to the tiles, thus bringing a brand new upgrade to your bathroom.
Yesterday\'s dull white tiles were replaced by today\'s stylish colors and shapes.
There are two standard categories for floors and walls.
National Standards Association of America (ANSI)
Divide the tiles into Standard Grade or Level 2.
All tiles sold in the US meet the minimum requirements of ANSI.
The second grade type of glass or the actual size has some minor defects.
Second grade is a great choice for budget conscious consumers.
Specific options made only for walls cannot be used on the floor.
They are much thinner than floor tiles and are very fragile and therefore can only be used for wall decoration. The U. S.
Use a grading system to grade the wear and tear that the tiles can hold.
Divided into five groups, as follows: 1-
Suitable for bathroom floor in residential environment. 2-
This is a great choice for low flow residential rooms such as bathrooms or bedrooms. 3-
It can be used in both residential and light commercial areas. 4-
Considered a great choice for business areas such as hotels, lobby and restaurants. 5-
Able to withstand serious traffic such as shopping malls and often used sidewalks.
A beautiful family bathroom proved to be a room worth having beautiful tiles.
With a little imagination, you can design a luxurious room full of color and style.
Mosaic Tiles have many different colors and styles.
The advantage of using a mosaic is that it can be much easier to install without a standard tile breakage.
The glass option is stylish with a rainbow or reflective look.
They are also hand-painted for an extra decorative feel.
Make sure it\'s beautiful and practical before making a choice.
Bathroom tiles are easy to keep hygienic and charming in appearance.
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