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a resplendent park respite, mosaic tiles included - the ...

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GLENN collinsaprill 4, 6 call it bathroom, maybe 95-year-
After two months of renovations and a $200,000 renovation, the old building reopened at Bryant Park today.
\"It\'s a comfortable station in every way,\" park commissioner Adrian benepé said of the new interior of the 42th Street building, saying it was the best --known and most-
Public bathroom in any city park.
\"No, it\'s kind of like an oyster bar--
Transplanted into the park.
\"Free bathroom closed on January.
15, will be reopened without great fanfare-
No speeches, no politicians, no ceremonial toilets. paper-cutting.
\"Look, this is just a bathroom,\" said Daniel a . \".
Bidman, executive director of Bryant Park Restoration.
But as the most magnificent of the 600 bathrooms in the park system, \"This is an inspiration for us \". Benepe said.
Its renovation was not done by his department, but by a non-profit repair company operating the park for the city.
\"It sets the golden standard for the park\'s comfort station.
This is not the case with Kalakala baths ads, but the new interior has 10-
Foot Plaid ceiling, mosaic tile, crown molding of painted wood, brushed stainless steel lighting
Steel wall lamps, indirect Bay lighting, wall panels for mosaic vines and flowers, mirrors with cherry wood frames, yes, sink and a baby --
A marble-covered table change from Bianco Verde, India.
Last year, the bathroom in the backyard of the New York Public Library had 612,683 visitors, and 300 customers used it for one hour every afternoon during peak hours.
Research shows that about two
Three of the people who use the bathroom are not park users.
Its generosity has not caused much condemnation so far.
Even members of the community committee 5, who used to harass the recovery company over crowd control on film nights and music volume during the event ---
Recently, who has expressed opposition to commercialism and corporate sponsorship in the park? -
I didn\'t put the bathroom on their cross.
The chairman of the community committee, David Diamond, said the committee did not have a review record on the restroom, adding that he thought \"it was good there.
\"But is the bathroom for $200,000, too?
\"It looks like a lot of money . \"
\"But when you have more than 3 million visitors in five years ---
When it needs to be restored again-
Only 6 cents per use.
I don\'t think it\'s unfounded.
\"Bryant Park\" has been working hard for the delicacy of the park.
Benepe said he added that the Parks and Entertainment Department \"can aspire to reach this level in our bathroom, although we may not be that far away.
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In fact, the entrance foyer of the bathroom will be decorated with a large copper flower urn. Mr.
Benepe said his department had started a campaign to restore and renovate the bathroom to increase accessibility facilities for the disabled.
\"We are working together to ensure that the park\'s comfortable stations are open, decent and clean,\" he said . \".
\"You know, we have an informal motto ---
We said that at the meeting. -
It\'s our business to help New Yorkers do their thing.
\"The commissioner gave a high rating of the renovation of the Central Park\'s bathroom.
Some parks use particularly high toilets. -
He said, \"the one at the Delacorte Theater in Shakespeare\'s season, and the one at Battery Park near the tour boat\"-
But he added: \"The Bryant Park building is located on 42th Street at the world crossing . \".
\"People use it every day --in, day-
Fine weather or foul.
Advertising 25-foot-long, 18-foot-
When architects John mayvin Carrey and Thomas Hastings created public libraries on Fifth Avenue, they designed wide buildings.
The new interior of the bathroom is inspired by \"the facilities of Regent Hotel, Plaza Hotel, Waldorf hotel and St Hotel \". Regis,\" Mr. Biederman said.
Taking into account the artistic appearance of the building, it was decided not to renovate the interior in a contemporary way, \"because we wanted a more traditional look with rich materials, mosaics, marble and wood, \"Sir. Biederman said.
Full service bathroom already and will continue
On duty and security nearby.
It has been the backbone of Midtown for about 15 years, and since the resumption of the company\'s attempt to expel drug dealers, bellicose drunkards and homeless residents from the park in early 1990s, it has begunMr.
From the initial construction to the mid-term, the bathroom was open, bidman said.
In 1960s, it was shut down for about 25 years due to a long period of disrepair.
\"It had to be reopened in the 1990s s because we couldn\'t invite thousands of people into our park or provide them with a bathroom,\" he said. Biederman said.
\"But soon we realized that we have to bear the burden of all the middle class.
Manhattan guy in need of bathroom
\"Contemporary Black people in the restroom due to excessive useand-
The white tile has turned gray, and its facilities have been worn out. \"It feels severe . \"Biederman said.
The roof needs to be replaced and the external mortar needs to be relocated.
In the final stages of the renovation, even the construction workers expressed surprise at the building.
\"There is so much attention to the details,\" said Joe busescher, who recently checked the tiles one afternoon.
\"This is the best restroom I have ever stayed in.
He proudly points to the wall cap of the green tile.
\"This is high end.
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A version of this article appears on page B00005 of the national edition of April 4, 2006, titled: The magnificent park respite including mosaic tiles.
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