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9 bathrooms that make tile look trendy

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-13
Porch Edited by: Madi Dahlstrom, content.
From the wall to the floor, adding tiles to the bathroom can instantly enhance your home style.
Between ceramics, porcelain, marble and glass, the choice of tiles is endless when you choose the right size, color and texture for your bathroom.
Get inspired by adding tailgate tiles, accent tiles along your shower wall, or fill the entire room with these tiled bathrooms that our friends on the porch offer, from floor to ceiling. com.
See how you can bring these bold designs into your own home with these nine stylish tiled bathrooms! 1.
In this traditional style bathroom, the traditional turquoise TileBright turquoise tiles bounce back from clean white walls and countertops.
By integrating tiles in multiple locations, create a smooth transition from room to room.
Image source: Melton Design build2
Classic White TileAll
The white tile bathroom is simple and elegant and does not require bold colors to express.
Consider choosing the real white subway tiles you \'ve tried for your bathroom design.
Image source: Benco Construction Co. , Ltd. 3.
Fearless red tiles dominate your home design by filling walls with beautiful and bright red tiles.
This passionate color can add a much needed accent to your bathroom.
Source: welfare and CoxFloor-to-
The ceiling makes your bathroom look cohesive by continuing the patterned tiles from the floor to the ceiling.
This smaller bathroom with spacious tiles opens up space for the magnificent Mediterranean landscape.
Image source: Sojo design 5
The bathroom of the modern gray TileThis apartment is equipped with white and gray, and the appearance is exquisite and modern.
The large square tiles along the floors and walls make this simple bathroom look spotless.
Photo source: Taurus decoration and construction 6.
Mix the colorful mosaic TileMix in a playful pattern throughout the bathroom to create a festive and vibrant environment.
This fun bathroom design is perfect for kids and will definitely make your home active!
Image source: Eisner Design llc7
Blue glass jumps into a blue ocean by covering your bathroom with beautiful blue mosaic tiles.
From the shower to the floor, this unique tile design adds a sparkling feel by mixing a variety of blue shades.
Image source: Flavin Building 8
Red accent tiles highlight the space around the sink, shower or specific walls with colored accent tiles, and are the highlight of the ultimate modern bathroom.
This eye-catching bathroom combines natural wood with bright red tiles to design a stylish bathroom.
Image source: Kaplan TS9
You have light blue mosaic tiles around your bathroom that look cool and clean.
From the tailgate to the shower, this bathroom uses blue mosaic tiles to reflect the light and add a little spark.
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