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8 cool uses for leftover tile - diy -

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
After the floor project, you will almost inevitably have the remaining tiles.And, since you can\'t just put them back in the store, you\'ll get stuck with the odd angles, shards and whole tiles left.Click on your interior before you drag them to the side of the roadArtists, and reposition them in these simple, interesting, and even functional works of art.
If they are small enough and rich in color, the remaining tile fragments can be used in the mosaic to form the eyesFind the Center for the tile tailgate, fireplace mantel or its own stationary artwork.No matter how big the remaining tile blocks are, you can easily break them down into mosaicsFriendly work by placing them on a cement board and under a rag.Then took a hammer and smashed it in the center.
This is also a great way to release any lingering frustration on your original tile project.2.If the tile is large and smooth, lay it as an outdoor walkway or as a stepping stone.In the garden, the slate, natural stone and even marble look great and can even beautify the border of the fence.
The remaining aspect brick can be used as a unique pot with strong glue.Remember to drill a hole in the bottom to drain!4.The remaining tiles perfectly add vitality to the top of existing or abandoned wooden furniture!Choose your designMosaic, or the shape of your remaining tile ---Draw it on your coffee table top, kitchen island, coffee table or filling table.
Polish the surface down to remove any existing finish.If the tiles are not small, break them down into small pieces and make sure that the tiles you lay are the same thickness.According to the design you have arranged, fill your work into the wood one by one, start from the outside and work inward.
Add mud to dry the surface.
Clean and add glaze using a tile washer to prevent dyeing.Your masterpiece of new art!5.If you have kids, big square tiles in-Home crafts project.Add paper, shape and decoration with mod podge.
Or paint the tiles directly with original artwork or handprints.You can arrange art works at home.6.Donate extra tiles to your child\'s art teacher or local artist;Both of them may be grateful for ceramic tile scrap donations for their work.Some goodwill or Salvation Army stores accept a large donation of the remaining tiles for re-use by other traders at home.
The rest of the tiles can also be a good drink cup mat.Just put some chairs.There are felt pads at the bottom and sand on any hard sides, you can prepare for the guests and cold drinks.8.If you have leftover peelsand-Stick vinyl tiles that can be converted into genius almost anywhere in your home.
For example, in the bathroom, Peel as much as possible, place it at the angle of \"diamond\" and attach a hook to the tile.Now you can hang towels, hair bands or other decorations.In the kitchen, do the same for pits, utensils, or convenient keys.
Always be cautious when buying tiles: it is best to end at an extra price and then run out early.Also, the tiles break in transit and you can cut them incorrectly.If you end up getting leftovers (you will), just immerse yourself in your art field and add color to your home with materials from your fingertips.
Learn how to minimize tile leftovers and other trade tips on our Denver tile installation site.Once you are there, just click to enter the blog
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